Sunday, March 25

Monthly Miettes : Tomboy Cake

Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the cutest, most beautiful things I had ever seen. A puppy? No. A child? Heck No.

A book? Yes.

Miette is a beautiful and charming book written by Meg Ray. It is full of 'recipes from San Francisco's most charming pastry shop'. The pages are scalloped and feature large, glossy pictures of cakes, tarts, and pastries.

                                Miette Book

Aimee, the mastermind behind Food, je t'Aimee , fell in love with this book. She wrote to Meg Ray asking to do a blogging challenge called Monthly Miettes. Every month one recipe will be chosen and those who decide to take on the challenge will have a few weeks to bake, create, and blog about each recipe.

Enter, the Tomboy Cake.

The cake (shown above) looks delicate, soft, and classy with it's dark chocolate layers and baby pink buttercream frosting. I thought I'd mix it up a bit and throw my own spin on this cake!

The recipe was straight forward and easy to follow. Whats even better is that it tasted delicious and stayed extremely moist! Instead of making two 6 inch cakes, I used all the cake batter and made one 10 inch cake. I also made a simple butter cream and pumped it up a bit with pink coloring to make it more vibrant and fun! Next time I make this cake, I'll definitely use a different piping tip for the frosting. I'm not a fan of the star tip look.

On the top of the cake I used an offset palette knife to make a large spiral and finished it with some chocolate shavings.

This chocolate cake recipe will definitely be going in my book to use as a favorite and I'm excited to try next months Miette challenge!


  1. I love your Tomboy, Chelsea! The colour of the icing is so vibrant and irresistible. Awesome to meet you through our blogs - and love meeting such like-minded (cookbook-loving) people in Halifax! Hope you can join next month, too!

    1. Thanks Aimee! I cheated a little bit (oops!) and used food coloring instead of a flavoring to color it. It was my first time using the coloring gels from wilton and man, do those babies work! ha! Luckily it didn't taste like food coloring, and I loved the color so it all worked out!
      It's great getting to know you too, and I will defineitly be joining for this month! I've had my eye on a few of those tarts since I bought the book :)

  2. Your cake looks wonderfully moist and decadent! Am joining you guys this month! xx

  3. Your cake looks lovely! I like how everyone's version turned out so unique even though our efforts were all based on one recipe. Can't wait for next month's challenge!

    1. Thank you!
      I'm excited to see how everyone's tarts turn out. There are so many I'm having trouble choosing :)