Sunday, January 22

Resolutions? Oh ... Right.

Rumour has it that January is almost over.

Seeing as my ass still won't fit into the jeans hanging in my closet and I just ate a rack of ribs for dinner, I'd say it's safe to assume that my resolutions have been kicked to the curb. I did jog/walk/awkwardly move to the bus today so that might count for something ... I'm not going to count on it though.

Instead of committing to working out 4 days a week ( that's not likely to EVER happen), cutting out certain food groups ( as a cook I eat/taste things all day), or stop baking ( come on. ) I've decided to make a commitment to do other things for myself.
Such as; learning how to ski, taking a cake decorating class, joining the Halifax Roller Derby team, making time to blog, and learning how to take some kick ass food photos!
In February I'll start making time for some of those things to happen .. hopefully!

I've already starting skiing and turns out it's a lot of fun :)

Hopefully everyone else's resolutions are going better then mine!

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