Monday, April 11

Processed foods ..... No Thanks!

Maybe it's because beach season is just around the corner or maybe it's because I'm looking for a change but recently I've been thinking a lot about the food I'm putting in my body.

 Last Wednesday Oprah's show was about being vegan. She challenged 350 members of her staff (all meat eaters like myself) to become vegan for seven days, and they all pulled through! Some said it was easy to make the transition while others said that they had showed signs of withdrawal. In the end, they all agreed that they had never felt better, and in seven days 350 people lost a total of 444 pounds (wow!).
So while sitting on the couch watching, I thought 'Sure! I can do that!'

Then I snapped back into reality.

After considering my options, I've decided to do my best to eliminate processed foods from my diet. After tearing apart my kitchen, this is what I discarded:

Good-bye fruit Loops, Mr.Noodles, Hot Chocolate, Crispy Minis, and Kraft Dinner (along with a few others).
So far, I don't miss any of it. Will I? ... I'm sure after a long night at the busy downtown restaurant where I work, I'll come home and wish I had some fast cooks-in-9 minutes KD but until then I look forward to filling my body with healthier options and shopping for fresh fruits and veggies at the market every weekend!


  1. You might find that you'll actually eat less, we got rid of the processed stuff too and have made the commitment to making all that crap from scratch. It takes a lot of effort and by the time you collect all the ingredients to make potato chips or what have you, the craving has passed. Good luck!

  2. I am eating less and feeling better than I ever have!